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Overview of displayed data



  • José noriega

    Hello, how can I recover a new password to enter my Dashboard.
    Thanks a lot

  • helderle

    hola me puede alguien a instalar esto toy perdido


  • Patric Mainzer

    It would be nice if the status LEDs would be integrated in the dashboard.

  • Marco Riedesser

    Hi Patrick, thanks for the recommendation. We are currently working on a rewamp of the LED functionality and statuses, that will be deployed in the next dashboard release after 1.3 this week. Will also integrate it in the dashboard then.


    And Jose, if you forgot it, please write to support, they can reset it completely for you.

  • Jan884

    When does dashboard 1.3 will be released? I have the V1 and since yesterday the status LED is RED. I did not find any information about the meaning of the status LED.... Can you advice?

    Thank you

  • Marco Riedesser

    We are fully reworking the LED mechanism now, just that you all know. So that it makes more sense, for now it is green or red, and red is not good (but can be fixed most of the time over a simple update, ask support if something is red on your miner and it doesn't show any activity for a few days). We will probably release something over the next 2 weeks in terms of that.

  • Pjuza

    Is there REST API that I can call without using web dashboard? Thank you.


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